January 4, 2017

No way.. I am not asking you to love me.. I want to love you!!.

Lemonade Lust Instagram and Pinterest have a fab community of followers. Stories, shoutouts and marketing via those channels ARE available for purchase, for sure but I also wanted to give others who just don't have the budget or are in the start up phase to be seen by lots of new and peeps.

I have a passion for helping promote and market fabulous designers or creatives. I appreciate their efforts and know that so many just can't do it all and if someone else just gave them a platform it might just be all they need to get to the next level.

I did just that for so many businesses with my last baby Down that Little Lane (which has now been sold to Hard to Find) and just wanted to do it all again without the complications or running a business and needing employees to do so.

Enter Lemonade Lusts. Alongside working with brands and companies who contact me direct I will be doing a monthly round up of the 4 of my favourite images on Instagram that have tagged @lemonadelusts in the comments and/or used the hashtag #lemonadelustloving.

I decided to kick this off as a New Year thing but one clever lady got tagging before Christmas and that was Stephanie Buckman and wow does she do some amazing photography..

Next time I write this blog post I will feature 4 different brands and my favourite of the 4 will get 4 complimentary shoutouts on Instagram that month so there you go.. tag away and show me your best bits (that was meant to sound naughty.. it tickles my sense of humour)

Will you be the person featured above here next time? 

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