December 27, 2016
I live in California so Sportluxe is the total go.. I thought when I moved from Sydney I would finally be forced to expand my normal wardrobe but then I arrived in the North Bay and if it is possible, which I truly thought it wasn't, training kit os worn around the clock more than in Australia!! 

Given this fact I have been opened up to shopping even more labels than I did before to widen my Sportsluxe collection.

Today I searched the sales for you and there are some seriously good bargains out there..

One of my top favourites is above and it is called Carbon38.. this store stocks a few brands, amusingly enough most of the brands I have featured individually as my favourites..

This brand is called aloyoga and I am in love with their godess leggings, oh ok maybe obsessed..

Gah, P.E.Nation.. there is NOTHING I don't love, I first saw it on Pip Edwards who I followed on Insta because she was just edgy and had a fabulous tomboy attitude to fashion that I loved. As it turns out she is the co founder of the brand!! .. ALL of the above is in the sale and I would take it all.. An Aussie Brand through and through..

I just love Stella McCartney for her refined sportswear.. she does do some wild and colourful but it her designs really do feel like she designs a proportion of her range to be worn as casual wear and possibly never ever have a bead of sweat shed it it.

The Upside is my last brand, not last as least favourite thats for sure.. Owned by Jodhi Meares of Tigerlily it was always destined to be fab. The finish on the materials makes you want to stroke yourself all day, it is like silk to wear.. The prints are so vivid and I always get asked where I got mine when I wear my pieces.

What are your favourite brands?
I also love Fabletics it is just not so boutique as the guys I wrote about..

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