December 20, 2016

I have made my New Years Resolution to be that I will look after my skin a little more and attempt to wear make up more often.. just a touch.

I think simply mascara and lippy makes someone look more alive and 2017 will be my year to look more alive!!.

As I am never going to be one of those contouring nutters on you tube, have you seen them?, I admire the skills but I have kids and I never get that much time on my hands in the bathroom.

I decided to invest on the base layer for Christmas.. no point being an amazing make up artist on a dried out wrinkly face huh?!

I went for some help with the daily cleansing in the form of Luna Play as you can use it with any product and then I splashed out on a NuFace Trinity Facial Trainer with the Anti Wrinkle Attachment..

I will take some before photos so I can share the results on my personal blog at a later date and after much advice from the lovely beautician I spoke too, if you wanted to go for an eye bags kit with awesome products I would start with this version which looks like a wicked deal to me and is on sale.

My husband and I often share our skincare, I know beauticians would advise against it but we just do.. however this time he has gone solo with Baxter of California. It is really well priced and has great reviews so I will report on that too..

As for my hair. I decided to go grey last year so I use John Frieda Sheer Blonde Shampoos to keep it bright but styling and protection wise I have been lazy. Enter R+Co that I TOTALLY bought for the packaging...  SUCKER!! Oh come on.. look at it in the header of the post, who could resist?!

Do you do much for your skin or hair? 

Tell me your secrets ... oh go on... 

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