November 1, 2016

Hi there,

I thought I should introduce myself and give you a taste of what is to come here on Lemonade Lusts..

My name is Tessa and I recently sold my business Down that Little Lane. DTLL was a website designed and built to showcase unique designer and creators at affordable prices from around the world and I used to source our amazing stores from EVERYWHERE.

I did all the marketing and PR for the website and got to show off all those wonderful things I had found across social media and in the magazines but of course there were things I loved that never suited the marketplace we were catering too.

They may have been too expensive, sold in too many other locations or simply the fact they were actually available in a branded chain store all over the world. That didn't mean I didn't lust after them, it just meant I wasn't showcasing them as they were not the look and feel of my website.

So now I am free to share all those I missed out.. the pieces I pinned and stored away on my wish lists, my bookmarks that come under the folder 'dreaming' and the pieces that have held in my thoughts like lustful little fantasies.. yep I totally have those about home decor!.

This is a storyboard as such of what I sorta, kinda, absolutely love in life. So if you like it you may just want to stick around and follow me for more.

I plan to source out stunning pieces at budget prices as well as just share those inspirational items we all just need to see and admire to make our days just that little bit more delightful. I do hope you love them as much as I do...

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